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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - City Apartments  

Valid from April 29, 2019

Our privacy policy in brief:

● Guests from all over the world choose City Apartments In Eilat as a preferred destination and we are trusted to maintain their personal information. It is our right and duty to protect our customer data and your personal information.
● We collect and process personal information of our guests in order to provide our services, maintain contact, market the hotel, and fulfill our legal obligations. Like most businesses, we collect and process personal information from site visitors, business partners and our customers.
By using the Site and visiting the Hotel, you agree to the Company's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including the collection, processing and use of your personal information for various purposes specified in the Privacy Policy, including making reservations, providing hotel service, contacting you, sending marketing messages, and transmitting information about you. Third, in Israel and abroad. Please read the documents carefully. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Site.
● We respect your privacy. If you have any questions, please contact us , and we will be happy to help:

And now in detail - please read our full privacy policy:

Introduction and Definitions

1.1. Booking Tours, H.P. 317468064 ("the Company"), is the management company of the City Apartments in Eilat (the "Hotel"). Contact details can be found later in this document. The company manages the hotel and the website (the "Site"), and owns the database in which the personal information of hotel guests, site users and others is collected. The company respects the privacy of customers and users, and implements the applicable provisions of Israeli law.
1.2. In order to provide services at the hotel and on the site and for other purposes set forth in this policy, we collect information about visitors and users of the site, about our contacts and business partners, and about customers and guests of the hotel. This Privacy Policy explains the information we collect, the uses we make of the information, and your rights in connection with the personal information collected about you. If you do not agree to the privacy policy or terms of use - which constitute a binding agreement between us - please refrain from using the site and visiting the hotel.

Ways to collect information

Information about you is collected by us in several ways:
2.1. When you provide information of your own free will while using the site, during your visit to the hotel, or through any other communication channel, for example when making a reservation through the site, filling out a contact form, email, phone, facsimile, reception or conversations with hotel staff. Through your use of hotel services and facilities, at events or at trade fairs.
2.2. When you make a reservation or request a quote on a third party website, in a travel service widget (app), or through a travel agent, our business partner or another third party, and they share your information with us , based on your engagement with them and their privacy policy. In such cases, we take sole responsibility for the personal information we have actually received.
2.3. When you visit or stay at a hotel for an overnight stay or business meeting, we receive information about you from the paying customer, hotel staff, or by electronic means (such as Wi-Fi networks and security cameras). In such cases, we take responsibility for controlling only the personal information we have actually received.
2.4. Automatically while using the website or in the hotel's communication networks - we receive information about your browsing and usage data. If you visit the site or use the Wi-Fi or communication network in the hotel, we may receive personal information through the devices you use (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), operating system and browser, as well as various web hosting technologies. , Monitoring of user activity, analysis of usage patterns, website advertising technologies and other technologies. The site and communication routers do not respond to "Do Not Track" signals sent in the browser or from the devices.
We may enrich the personal information we have about you with information you have provided to us directly, information that others have provided us about you, and data we have collected about you from your use of the Site.

Use of cookies

3.1. The website and communication services at the hotel use "cookies" - small text files, which are stored on the hard drive of the personal computer or mobile device. The "cookies" are used to identify users, collect statistics about the use of the website, verify details, adjust the service to user preferences, display customized advertisements, and for information security purposes.
3.2. If you do not want to receive "cookies", you can change your browser settings, and even delete old "cookies" files at any time. However, disabling or deleting the use of "cookies" may prevent you from using the site or parts of it, the hotel's communication services, and even other websites.
4. The information we collect and process
The information we collect and process about you may contain personal information, including the following details:
4.1. Identification details, for example: first name, last name, number and photo ID or passport, driver's license number and photo, date of birth (or age), sex, marital status, car number, driver's license, place of work and position;
4.2. Contact details, for example: residential address, workplace address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, email address and communication preferences;
4.3. Information on travel and tourism services, for example: number of guests, arrival and departure times, flight numbers, consumption of hotel services, nutrition and kosher, and various preferences you have shared with us;
4.4. Payment details, such as bank account number, credit card details or other billing details;
4.5. Your photos and videos, such as those shared with us on social networks, or taken by the hotel's security cameras, including all personal information contained in all photos, media and other files sent to us or shared with us;
4.6. Information from social networks (such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter) that you have shared with us or used to communicate with us or tag us;
4.7. Feedback, ratings and comments about the hotel or services you received, that you shared with us or third-party websites and widgets, that passed the information to us;
4.8. Any other personal information you provide on the site or in any communication channel, such as email correspondence, customer service and telephone calls.
4.9. In addition, we collect information about your browsing and usage data on the website and in the hotel's communication networks, including: pages you viewed and the duration of the viewing; Links you clicked on; IP address; Browser and operating system data; Computer data, mobile phones and tablets used; Browsing history and referrals by external sites; cookies; Information from sensors and sensors; ID numbers on digital advertising platforms; Data connectivity data; Language preferences; And so on in those digital data, which usually do not identify you personally.

Personal information about children

The hotel provides services to adult customers only, and does not intentionally market its services to children under 18. The company does not knowingly collect personal information about children, except for minor guests accompanying our customers, as required by law or information collected automatically by electronic means (such as security cameras). Please contact us in case you are concerned about personal information of children collected by us inadvertently or accidentally.

Purposes of information processing and use of information

The company collects and processes the information about you for the following purposes:
6.1. Providing information about the company, hotel, services and promotions;
6.2. Providing our services at the hotel and on site, including customized services, improving services and developing new services;
6.3. Providing personal service and support to the site's customers and hotel guests;
6.4. Making charges, producing documents, invoices and receipts, and storing transaction data;
6.5. Contact - even in person - at the hotel, on the website, and in all means of communication, including e-mail, telephone, SMS, social networks, chats, websites and widgets of third parties;
6.6. Analysis and optimization of traffic and use of the site;
6.7. Online advertising in all forms and channels, to a target audience that includes you and others who share similar characteristics (lookalikes), sending marketing information, providing mailing services, and sending advertisements and offers to purchase services and / or other products that may interest you, on behalf of the company or others. In all means of communication, including (but without prejudice to the aforesaid) mail, e-mail, messages on the mobile phone, chats, social networks and search engines, as well as the display of advertisements on the site and on websites and other widgets;
6.8. Your consent to the terms of use and the company's privacy policy constitutes consent to receive advertisements as stated in the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982 and the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. You hereby agree and confirm, irrevocably, that you will not have any claims, demands and / or claims against the Company regarding the aforesaid. You can request us to remove you from the Company's mailing lists, by sending a clear request notice to ; You understand that the company has no control over mailings sent to you by service providers and third parties who have received your details, at your request and consent, as part of the service on the website or at the hotel.
6.9. Protection of the company, its property, employees and hotel staff, protection of information and communication systems, and protection of customers and guests of the hotel, including information security, physical security in and around the hotel, impersonation and unauthorized access to the site and hotel, prohibited use of the hotel and facilities , And the protection of the legitimate interests of the company, including: conducting proceedings before courts and other courts, filing complaints with law enforcement authorities, and defending against such proceedings;
6.10. Protecting your legitimate interests and those of third parties, such as service providers in or around the hotel, including preventing bodily injury or property damage;
6.11. Compliance with the requirements of the law and the law authorities in connection with any legal requirement from the company.

The legal basis for collecting information

The legal basis for collecting information is the agreement with you (terms of use and privacy policy, as well as various agreements and appendices you signed when booking or during your stay at the hotel), including actions towards the agreement (browsing and using the site), compliance with company obligations under any law or agreement; Protection of the legitimate interests of the company; And / or your consent when using the website, when making a reservation, or when registering or receiving services at the hotel.
8. Sharing the information with third parties and transferring information abroad
8.1. We may share your personal information with company employees and hotel staff; Parent companies, subsidiaries or sister companies of the company; Service providers, contractors and consultants of the company; Our clients (whether you are accompanying guests or invited to meetings and conferences we have organized); Distributors (such as travel agents, travel sites and widgets), and our other business partners, all in order to provide the site and hotel services and for the day - to - day operation of the hotel and the company's operations.
8.2. We process your information on our computers and servers, in hotel management systems (eg Silverbyte), as well as on other third-party servers in Israel and abroad around the world, which perform various processing activities necessary for us to operate the service, for our activities and business management, and we share information with parties Thirds as required. Most of our information is stored in Israel, in the hotel and in carefully selected Israeli accommodation services. We also store data in the cloud, primarily on Microsoft Azure servers around the world. Microsoft is committed to maintaining privacy and data security. Other third parties we use may include cloud hosting services (such as Microsoft and Google), web site management technologies (such as Microsoft Azure and IIS), email and SMS services (such as Microsoft Office, Mailchimp and SitePackage), analytics services And statistics (such as Google, Hotjar and CallTrackingMetrics), advertising technology (such as Google, Facebook and Sojern), feedback services (such as Howazit), data backup systems, security technology, etc. We limit the information we share with any third party based on The business need to use its services, to protect your information, while effectively using the services of that third party.
8.3. We may also share information that does not personally identify you and aggregate information about a large number of users for any purpose. Such information does not constitute personal information, and its sharing does not allow your identification.
8.4. We may need to share your information with law enforcement agencies, courts and other government bodies, if the company is instructed to do so by the competent bodies and in accordance with applicable law.
8.5. If we are involved in a merger, sale of assets, financing transaction, liquidation, bankruptcy, or acquisition of the company, assets or hotel to another company, we may share your information with that company and its consultants before and after the transaction date.

9. Information security

The company adopts advanced and accepted information security measures that comply with the practice on such websites and in hotels in the country. We communicate with providers whose level of information security is high, and make it clear to the business partners we work with that they have a duty to maintain your information in accordance with the requirements of any law and in a proper manner. Despite the Company's efforts, the Company does not guarantee or warrant that its databases, including information you provide, will not be breached, and that information about you will not reach unauthorized third parties.

Retention of information by the company

10.1. We store information that we collect for different periods, depending on the type of information, the type of customer service, the duration of our agreements with different distributors, legal requirements regarding certain types of information, and other factors. In general, we will retain your personal information for a reasonably required period to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer storage and processing period is required or permitted by law. We will retain information for as long as it is necessary to clarify and resolve disputes and disputes, and to enforce our rights under any law and agreement, as well as to protect our employees, customers and partners.
10.2. If we no longer need your information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, we will delete it. In some cases we may not be able to completely delete the information for technical or operational reasons, for example in archived or backed up media. In such cases, we will take reasonable measures to secure all the information still stored by us in accordance with the Company's information security procedures.
10.3. Please note that third parties with whom we share your information (other than our data processors) may retain your information even after it has been deleted by us. Retention of such data by third parties is subject to their privacy policies, purposes and legal bases, agreements with you and any applicable law. The company does not take responsibility for the use of your personal information by third parties.

Your rights regarding your personal information

The company observes the provisions of the law, and respects all your rights under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, regulations under it, the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 5742-1982, and other laws applicable to the company's activities. For example, every person is entitled to review the information held on him in a database. A person who has reviewed the information about him, and found that it is incorrect, complete, clear or out of date, may contact the owner of the database to correct the information or delete it if necessary. In addition, you are entitled to be deleted from mailing lists for direct mailing purposes.
Your personal information is processed on the basis of a number of legal bases, including your consent. You can revoke your consent to the processing of information by us at any time by contacting us. Other legal bases, including legal or contractual requirements applicable to you or us, may remain in effect even after your consent is revoked.
Please contact us with any request regarding your rights under the law and their exercise.
12. Changes to Privacy Policy
The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy (as well as other Terms of Use), in accordance with developments on the Site and Hotel, and changes in the economy and legislation. The privacy policy that applies to you is the policy as published on the website when you last used it or when you last visited the hotel. Please check the terms of use and privacy policy when using the site and when visiting the hotel.


You are welcome to contact the company in any matter, question and request according to the following details:

Apartments City Apartments
Booking Tours, HF 317468064
29 Eilot Street, Eilat 0088203
Phone: 08-633-8361

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