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Food and restaurants in Eilat


Whale burger

Looking for a special culinary experience? The Whale Restaurant offers a variety of dishes on top of the purity of seafood, but serves them in a unique and modern style inspired by New York cuisine. The restaurant's menu changes daily depending on the fresh ingredients, and consists of gourmet dishes personally assembled by the local chef, such as shrimpburger, mullet patties, fried octopus salad, and more
An equal and quality alternative to tourist restaurants. Whale, and it will operate on the north coast of Eilat (as opposed to the Locksmith 5 restaurant that operated in the heart of the city's less glitzy industrial area). Like Shrimp Burger - Shrimp burger - one of the top dishes in the restaurant; Grilled bread with meadow blanco - cold soup of white almonds, topped with pakos salsa, tomatoes, dill, okra and smoked mussels with olive oil and Persian lemon; Vanallotti stuffed with chicken, cream and tarragon ricotta, with Parmesan and parchment shaves. Whale's menu will change every three months according to the seasonal ingredients and varying special dishes will be added to it.
At the eastern end of Herods Promenade, with 85 seats, maintain intimacy
Whale. East Rhodes Hotel Promenade, North Coast, Eilat. 08-920-9393. Sunday-Friday 18: 00-23: 00. Not kosher.
Levitan Restaurant, Derech Pa'ami Hashalom, Eilat, 08-9209393


Eddie's hideout

Eddie's Hiding Restaurant is an old French restaurant in Eilat, founded in 1979, and has since been considered one of the most popular places in the city. The place offers a family atmosphere, warm and rustic design and an abundance of gourmet dishes from French and international cuisine. Here you can enjoy a variety of meat and seafood dishes, such as foie gras, oysters, pastas, fish, good cheeses and more.
Eddie's Hideaway, Reed 68, 08-6371137

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